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Intro and nurture your agency 24/7 to the ideal local business.

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Transform Your Business  with Next-Gen Automation

In today's competitive landscape, it's all about hitting the right notes with the right audience at the right time. At Ask8 Leads, we've developed sales Agent Based Continuous Workers to do just that—helping you cut through the noise and connect with your target market more efficiently than ever before.

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Continuous outreach 24/7
Harness Our Expertise and Technology for Unmatched Lead Gent

Lead Automation Agent Workers Just Work!

Precision Targeting

Dive deep into your market segments, introducing your brand to local businesses that match your ideal customer, while nurturing leads into actionable opportunities on autopilot.

Keyword Customization

Industry is one thing, but finding the right business data needs further refining. Each our workers are tasked with specific keywords and GEOs to capture data and begin your campaigns.

Strategic Email Templates

Our team creates compelling, personalized marketing emails designed to speak directly to your audience, driving engagement and conversions efficiently.

24/7 Data Collection

Once deployed, our worker technology scours the internet, identifying local businesses that match your target audience. It then creates a detailed profile for each match and seamlessly integrates this data directly into our CRM system for streamlined outreach.

Lead Generation

As soon as data is captured in our system, we initiate automated outreach to engage and drive local businesses towards assets designed for conversion. This automated process guarantees that your message is delivered to the right companies precisely when they're most receptive.


With our Agent Continuous Worker, scalability is never an issue. You can deploy multiple workers targeting different keywords simultaneously, amplifying your reach and impact. This flexibility allows you obtain a much larger database of local businesses than any other platform.

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